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Frodo Ran [Feb. 28th, 2009|07:41 pm]
[Current Music |Leonard Cohen - Old Revolution | Powered by Last.fm]

My landlord won tickets to see Weird Al for this song, but I think it is all of us who are truly the winners.


[User Picture]From: tdaschel
2009-03-01 04:24 am (UTC)

Ian Svenonius song of the day

from "Mordor Dearest" (collected in The Psychic Soviet):

Aside from the trilogy's obvious eugenic overtones and Christo-Masonic symbolism, its hobbits, dwarves, and goblins - supposedly the benevolent domain of so-called "nerds" - are a cover for a cunningly constructed hyper-macho ideology. On careful inspection, one recognizes that Lord of the Rings is the woman hater's bible...
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