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COMIN ATCHA [Jun. 10th, 2009|12:12 am]

unstrap your wristwatch and fling it to the ground the time is come the time is come the time is come, there is no time, the moon is ringed in your smoke you swore you wouldn't smoke again and all the bells are rung, the whiskey's poured, the ice is melting, it's a work night! bang the drum and croon your pop single you idolater, lick their necks, crow from the rooftops with the weathervanes swinging grandmother dances cock-topped and glinting, eat a box of saltines and watch tv all night, lethal weapon, sleep the day away, there is nothing for you left on this plane, the grey days stretch forever and you can see them coming in your rearview mirror, they'll smash you like a glacier, like a laser, like a beam, like an ice-age, like the tides are gone, like you can't find the ocean, like the water-line has dropped 300 feet everywhere in the world, like all the water you wish you could drink is frozen, it's ice-cubes in your glass, and it's coming for you. Your ancestors knew all about it, that's why they left the forests on two legs and quit patti smith space monkey fucking each other in ways you can only see on the internet you pathetic loser, they got buildings so they could get walls so they could get webcams, that's why they built the cities, that's why they stayed in the streets, that's why they stayed in the hood, that's why they stayed around the people who ain't got nothin, cause they ain't got nothing to say but love, and there's no respect you can show but phone time, voice time, watch time, time to smash your watch, time to break the bonds, time to let caesar render for his goddamn self, time to enroll in vampire school, let the shrews fuck indoors and let the faggots pay taxes, I want to get eaten by a bear, I want to be raped by a serial killer, I want to hitchhike to saturn and chill with sun ra, wake up, we've all got hermes' wings on our feet, the world is open, you can go to tanzania tomorrow and breathe that same savannah they did however many million years ago the books tell us it happened, where they say a fifth is kept of all the freshwater in the world, as if another fifth is what we need, breath out steam, power through the ice, find the north pole and take the expressway to outerspace


[User Picture]From: tdaschel
2009-06-10 02:51 pm (UTC)
song-o-phonic !
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